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Rock Bands Loud Rehearsals Not Against The Law

By April 4, 2012No Comments

I came across an article written by Andy Cerota of as I was combing the web doing my daily audiophile roundup. He writes about Betty Morales and her family who live in Stone Pine subdivision in NW Harris County near Houston, TX. Morales is upset because a loud rock band regularly rehearses at a nearby auto shop. The vibrations can be felt at her home, even though the band put extra soundproof insulation in. Since Morales lives in a rural unincorporated area with no local sound laws, Texas state law prevails. According to the state, any sound lower than 85 decibels is okay.

What’s your take? Fair enough or a clear need for people to a) get better soundproofing technology (like ours hut hum) and b) have a bit more empathy with their neighbours:
Rock band rehearsals upset neighbors –


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