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[vc_message message_box_color=”white” el_class=”max-center-800″]Robert Vosgien, Mastering Engineer at Capitol Records, Los Angeles talks about working with Dennis Foley from Acoustic Fields.[/vc_message]

Robert Vosgien’s room at Capitol Records was a mastering room he had worked in for over 20 years. Recent remodeling, especially of the rear wall, had some impact on the rates and levels of low frequency absorption in the room. The low end needed assistance and the rear wall changes had impacted the image at the mastering position.

Robert was not happy that the new rear wall did not allow for enough low end management around the mastering position. We used a combination of our ACDA-10, ACDA -12, and QDA-11 technologies to increase the rate and level of absorption in the low end and add more spaciousness, definition and separation with quadratic diffusion.

These Acoustic Field’s changes allowed for a new and much more tighter and defined low end with a much wider and deeper sound stage, Imaging and definition were also improved with the addition of quadratic diffusion to the rear wall surface area.

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Edwin Davis

Edwin is a FOH engineer who is involved in both large and small room acoustics. He works both in large venues such as churches and also smaller mixing/mastering rooms. He knows the large venue acoustical issues and also the sound quality issues within small rooms.

His visit to Sacred Ground was shall we say an “ear” opening experience. Listen as he talks about the sounds he is hearing for the first time in his favorite music. Music that he has listened to over “a thousand times” and hearing words and sounds for the first time.

His opening discussion about “presence” is worth listening to. He talks about how all instruments and vocals are there in the sound stage and present in front of you. Isn’t this what we all are trying to achieve?

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Robert Snyder

Robert Snyder had a studio for many years and was faced with the same issues most small studio rooms face. He had unwanted pressure issues at 40 – 200 Hz. This is a critical bandwidth for everything that we use to lay the foundation for our vocals and middle range frequencies. For years, he had worked around these issues in his mixes.

After analysis of his room, we determined how much square footage of broadband low frequency absorption was required. Robert built the units and installed them and you can hear his results in this video. Once you have the low frequency energy balanced within your room, you can then hear everything in your mix so you can translate and print.

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John Tofflemire

John Tofflemire works in small rooms mixing music from many sources. Looking for acoustic treatment for his existing studio, where he was unhappy with the sound quality, he came across Acoustic Fields. He focused in on the room listening testimonials. He talks about that experience in his video.

He is also a skilled carpenter that can build quality furniture. He wanted to use different finishes and try different sizes of our technology that would better fit into his small room. His purchase of our DIY build plans for our low frequency absorbers and our diffusion technology is shown and discussed in the video.

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Sam Small

Sam Small had a small room. His room is 8′ w x 8′ h x 9′ l. Two room dimensions that are the same produce twice the number of unwanted modal pressures. This is a red area room size on our room size and volume calculator. The red area is a no go acoustically because the amount of room treatment required to fix the low end, would leave you no place to sit. The yellow is fixable with proper treatment.

This was Sam’s only room option. He was able to build the carbon, low frequency, units himself and finish them with a paint exterior. I assisted him with placement. Watch the video and you will see some of the unique places we placed them.

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Paul Smits

Paul had a room size and volume that fell into the yellow area on our room size and volume chart. His room size was 13′ w x 8′ h x 15′ l.

Since the low end is first, Paul is using four ACDA-10 units for broadband, low frequency absorption. Four is not enough to smooth out his low end, but it is a large improvement. Sub woofer is elevated upon carbon platform to absorb low frequency energy at the source. More low end broadband absorption is required so we have 3 QDA-13 units on the front wall.

Paul has one dimensional diffusion on the front wall and two dimensional diffusion on the rear wall. Diffusion on the front wall adds spaciousness and separation to vocals and instruments. the rear wall diffusion, eliminates the reflection from the rear wall and minimizes the brain’s ability to localize the room boundary surface. This is perceived psycho acoustically as a much larger distance.

You can see more of Pauls room in our video section.

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Customer Comments

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Thank you so much,apart from a “best pet” for my Canary at my school gala at the age of 8 I have never won anything before.

I really hope all the referrals for free room analysis to all my Studio owner/operator friends have been coming your way from here in New Zealand.

I will continue to make referrals to your products and video’s as I firmly believe in them as the best available.

The mere fact that your YouTube content is information based speaks volumes about your commitment to the art and science devoted to the love of quality sound and music.

I look forward to many years of working with Acoustic Fields and wish you all the best for any future endeavors


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Thank you so very much for all you do in the field of acoustics. I am an amateur audiophile and have a huge love of music, especially classical. After watching a few of your tutorials on YouTube, I made a couple minor tweaks to my speaker setup and was overjoyed at the increase in sound staging and resolution. Most of the benefits coming from the fact that I moved the subwoofer to a central place within the listening space. So amazing just how much the sub/room gain was stomping out the detail in the mids and highs! Keep up the excellent work.


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I’m an acoustics engineer that also does home recording and on the home recording forums I participate in, I often get drawn into discussions about how to treat rooms. The latest one has a guy wanting to do monitoring in a 200cm by 300cm by 390cm room from concrete block!

I keep telling him that he needs to learn to mix using headphones, pointed him to and he just doesn’t get it so it seems.

Your video (“Your Room Doesn’t Care What You Want”) is titled right on the money and is where I should have pointed him first.


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“Hello Acoustic Fields team and hello Mr. Foley. I wrote a long thank you section on my first attempt email that crashed so just read my next thank you part like a 6 year old describing Disneyland. Lol. I can’t thank you enough for this valuable information you have provided. Companies pay big money to keep this info away from the consumers. The gift of Fundamental sound science is the missing piece of the puzzle for me. Thank you for not being greedy. It’s an honor to converse with you.”


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“Good day to you Mr. Foley, You are a very busy man, so don’t reply to my e-mail.

I just want to thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and to let you know it is most appreciated. You have put in so much time and effort to enlighten music lovers like myself.

I am old school two channel stereo and you made me realize the room will bring the music to life, not the new cables or new CD player, etc, etc.”


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“Hi Dennis, Just wanted you to know how much I’ve learned the past few months about acoustics, room size, low frequency wave lengths, and room tuning from watching your youtube channel. I’ve seen all of you videos twice, and some more. Very informative, especially to myself, a novice. Not at all a novice to investing in nice equipment, but in room acoustics I was severely lacking.(…) I just wanted you to know you are making an impact on the audiophile community, and many thanks to you for sharing your knowledge with us, the less informed, to benefit from.”


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“Hello Dennis,

I’m a full time audio engineer in Atlantic Canada and I’d like to express my thanks for the wonderful work you are doing. After 2 videos I’ve gained more of an understanding than in the last 20 years reading thick books. I am in the process of moving my business to Nova Scotia and will be building my 3rd studio there.

I fully intend to follow your advice to avoid mistakes of the past. Even though I hired acousticians to design and treat my previous studios, my lack of knowledge in the area have led to issues not being addressed, resulting hundreds if not thousands of wasted hours in mixing.

With your guidance, I feel more confident than ever that my next studio will finally meet the high standards I expect of my studio.

Thank you Dennis, you are a God send.”

Gilles, Audio Engineer

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“Just found you @ YouTube, which led me to your site, and opted in.
So much great info – but I’m a beginner… I don’t have much $$ and want to build a small vocal booth (I sing loudly, and don’t want anyone to hear me, and I don’t want to pick up garbage trucks, people talking, etc).

Also, would like to use the same booth for my guitar amp. Your videos are great and cover many different aspects. Is there a way to build my own DIY cheesy booth that would work ‘good enough’? I have a ton of cardboard boxes and was also wondering if I could use them for anything?
Even if I have to buy a few inexpensive materials in conjunction, I’d love to start on this project.”

Dennis, Singer

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I have to admit I just found your channel on YouTube and boy I wish I had found it a few weeks ago.
You have done a fantastic job explaining things in a way a guy like me (limited if any acoustic related knowledge). Your videos are clear concise and other than wanting to hear something you said over for the sake of retaining it I have not come away confused thinking “what the heck did he say, let me listen to it again” (this after watching at least 20 videos).

Mark, Voice Over Artist

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“Hello Dennis,

I’m 58 years old and have been on an “audio journey” since I was a teenager. This morning is the first time I experienced real imaging. My set up is 7.2 and I have a nice blend of absorption and diffusion in my room. But, I was sitting too close to my front speakers to realize the magic of openness and imaging. You gave me 2 clues: The first clue was to not only consider the dimensions of the room, but also consider openings into other rooms. I have a big opening in the rear of the room to a dining room. The second clue was to move back and forth to find “critical distance”. Now the imaging is beautiful. No more analyzing, just enjoyment – WOW ! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.”

Kevin, Audiophile

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“Greeting Dennis, after watching an series of your video’s. I would just like to thank you and confirm that your knowledge and explanations are highly under rated.”


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“I did not want to mount too many absorption panels around the room and suck all the natural reverberation out of the space and was looking into using some sort of diffusion panels on the back wall to help break up the flutter-echo. I knew that diffusion panels needed to be tuned for specific frequency and for the space in which they are being installed. I kept seeing DIY plans out there on-line that seemed to be random with little or no acoustic science behind their design. Then, I ran across your YT videos and watched them all. The videos are very good and have great, concise information in them. I have been an experienced sound tech and musician for over 25 years, I am trained in AV and electronics, and have installed several PA systems for smaller churches over the years. But, I am not an engineer and was very impressed by what I was seeing on your web site and learning in your YT videos.”

Jim, Tech Director

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“Greetings from Toronto, Canada:

I enjoyed watching many of your videos during past few days. The extend of your knowledge and your humble way of sharing your experience with others is noble. I have always been keen to pursue my dream of becoming a sound/acoustic engineer.”


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“Dear Dennis,

I have been watching all your videos on you tube and all of them have been very informative. They have helped me to clear my misconceptions about acoustics.

I really appreciate your efforts for throwing more light into the field of acoustics and helping new comers like me.

Wishing you a very bright future and success in your venture.

Regards and Thanks”