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Amplifier/speaker cabinets produce energy, lots of energy. That energy leaves the amplifier and enters the room. Once in the room, it interacts with the room and excites all the relevant room modes. We must attenuate or absorb as much excess energy as we can as close to the source or cabinet as we can. This will insure a tight and defined presentation as the signal enters the room.

Amplifier cabinets vibrate. The sound that emanates from the cabinet is the product of the speakers, electronics, and cabinet. If we reduce the cabinet vibrations, we allow the speaker and electronics to come through better. Our carbon amplifier platforms reduce vibration and absorb energy. It will provide you the one two punch you need to get the best sound out of your cabinet, speaker, electronics, and room.

These are custom sized to your cabinet. You tell us the height requirement along with the cabinet width and depth. They can be painted or skinned with a wood veneer. We will custom build it to suit your individual requirements.

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