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Want a unique audio experience in Phoenix? Just hit the play button on the below video to find out how.

Now all you need to do is pick a date and a one hour time slot that works for you from the below options.

Saturday March 8th, between 10am until 6pm.
Sunday March 9th, between 10am until 6pm.

Saturday March 15th, between 10am until 6pm.
Sunday March 16th, between 10am until 6pm.

For example, a one hour time slot would be 11am until noon on Saturday March 8th or 1pm until 2pm on Sunday 16th March.

This offer is only available to the first 10 audiophiles to book a slot so email me today at to reserve your seat.

If you have any questions at any time please call me on 520-392-9486 and I will be happy to help.

Enjoy and see you soon

P.S. This is the kind of musical journey you can expect to experience on your visit. Good points to skip to are 4:30, 7:09 and 10:32 as these are the moments just after Ammon finishes listening to the songs of his choice. “I am amazed, intrigued and excited even more”, “I have never heard bass like I have heard out of this room ever before”…

Come and experience this for yourself. Bring your favorite music on CD. Book your visit now. Email me at with your preferred time slot and we’ll get you booked in.

Don Salter Acoustic Fields Bass Absorbers