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Another video from NAMM 2015 here. The Akai Advance 49 keyboard is featured with its on board extensive software suite and its full color screen. With its extensive patterns and software, this keyboard delivers a full sound studio experience. The keyboard’s browser and plugins are sure to give quite a full and rich experience, with the ability to stack and layer different sounds. Some of the software programs you can run are ProTools, Logic, and VST Instruments. This keyboard has the ability to examine generic software programs and tag and sort for usage and storage to help expand your musical repertoire. There is download support for customers as well as a download store. 4000 presets will keep you very busy as you create and play music. There are 8 customizable knobs that are mapped very tightly for expert precision. The keyboard also features setlists, which can help you out on a show with a list of presets for certain songs so you don’t have to hunt around each time you play a song. This keyboard is a lot of fun and the settings cater both to experts and casual player looking for great sound.


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