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Listening Room

By August 8, 2011March 12th, 2012No Comments

If you have a dedicated listening room, you are surely fortunate. A listening room is a portal through which one can enter many worlds.

In a dedicated listening room, all the energy of the room is controlled, so that it arrives at the listening position at the correct time. The sound at the listening position is a blend of the direct sound from our loudspeakers and the reflected energy from the room’s walls. Our acoustic goal is to achieve the correct blend and balance of both the direct and reflected energy. This balance, once achieved, provides for a sound stage that can allow someone to connect with the music. It can truly transport one to a different time and place.

With a proper soundstage, there is a height, width, and depth to the musical presentation that can bring an emotional connection to the music. It is this emotional connection we all strive so hard to achieve. One can “see” the vocals and instruments on the stage. There is a separation between the instruments and vocals and all sounds are heard clearly. One can even hear the breaths of air the singer takes. You are transported from the audience to the stage..

I love my listening room and could not imagine life without it. I hope I never have to. I wish the same for you.


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