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How Different Media Players Make Us React To The Music

By March 27, 2012No Comments

I came across this article written by Kim Lajoie as I was sweeping the web for my daily audiophile roundup which is about the different experiences we enjoy with different media players. The different forms of media follow a similar pattern. The more the artist or writer creates a bad piece of music/content, the more likely it is that they will become better in the long run. Kim makes the points that differences between the media players is how the viewer/listener experiences it. With Visual medias, the user can simply skim over the bad parts, or not even experience the video if they do not enjoy the teaser, headline, or the piece itself. While with audio media, the listener generally does not speed up the media, even if it is bad.

A lot of this rings true with my own experiences but how about you? Before the advent of CDs I for one used to rarely go and move the needle on an LP and yet today I will glad hit the skip button if need be.

Read the full article here:
Mileage and headlines


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