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Home Theater System

By August 2, 2011March 12th, 2012No Comments

A home theater system is composed of electronics, furniture, and a room. The electronics are the screen, projector, receiver, speakers, dvd player, and all the associated cable and control systems. The furniture can be a single chair or multiple rows of seats which can even have each row elevated above the row in front. The room in a home theater system is usually the last item to be considered.

The room in a home theater system can make all the sound difference when it comes to accurately portraying all the capabilities of the purchased electronics. If the dimensions of the room are not taken into consideration, the finest sounding speakers in the world will not be able to produce the sound quality the original designer intended. Room modes can eliminate and exaggerate certain frequency ranges or groupings and sounds in those areas may not be heard at all or magnified to the point of appearing unreal.

Low frequencies produced by the sub woofer or sub woofers, will smother the middle frequencies and dialogue will be blurred or smeared. Multiple speakers from the sides and rear channels will interfere with the left, right, and center channels in our home theater systems, so that image quality and presentation will be blurred. Wall reflections from the right and left channels will create sonic distortions at the listening positions in our home theater systems.


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