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Home Theater Room

By August 16, 2011March 12th, 2012No Comments

What must our home theater room have in it to make it a home theater room? It must have a video display unit. It could be a projector with screen, a lcd or plasma flat screen, or simply a crt television. It must have a receiver to process audio from our dvd, amplify this audio and send it to numerous channels which are all represented by speakers. It must have a sub woofer to provide low energy output into the room as to try and acoustically recreate explosions and car crashes.

Our home theater room must also have the ability to control external light from out side, so as not to interfer with the video display inside. The room must be of adequate size in both width, depth, and height to allow for proper video display sizing. The room must also be large enough to be able to position side and rear channels to allow for this energy to be utilized correctly at the listening position. Low frequency energy from the sub woofer needs the most room volume it can get to be heard as realistic.


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