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Home Audio System

By September 28, 2011March 12th, 2012No Comments

The phrase home audio system is another of those groups of words and terms people search for on the internet. I always like to try and figure out what they are trying to find and what they actually mean by the terms they use in their searches.

A home audio system could be a pair of speakers in the kitchen connected to a amplifier. It could also be a bedroom clock radio that is set next to the bed on a night stand. Maybe a home audio system is a receiver that has an integrated amplifier along with numerous other functions to manipulate the sound into many different digital fields. Hopefully, when someone uses the term home audio system, they really want an amplifier, speakers, music playback source such as a cd player or turntable and a room to put it in that is conducive to producing good sound; not an after thought to fill an empty space in the living room.

A home audio system should include all the components to produce sound along with a room and the proper set up within that room to allow the system to produce the quality sound the designer and manufacturer intended for their products. The room is the most important component of the whole home audio system. Without a proper sized room, without the proper speaker set up in your room which takes into consideration all room boundaries and room volume, without a good chair and its correct position from the room’s walls and speakers, a quality home audio system sound can not be achieved no matter what the price point.

One can take an audio system that costs $3,000 and put it in a room that is designed for good sound and have a system that sounds like a $100,000. One can take a $100,000 system and put it in a room that is not acoustically correct and it will sound like a $3,000 system. In this latter case, I would rather have a clock radio on my night stand. Well, I probably don’t need the radio.


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