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Hi End Stereo

By October 5, 2011March 12th, 2012No Comments

Hi end stereo is a term that has been with us since the 1950s. It probably started with the Dynaco amplifiers that people used to build at home. They were tube amplifiers that produced around 50 watts of power and sounded good. Individuals expanded upon this basic technology and began to use different techniques to create a better sounding product. I think it was this passion and concern for sound quality that created hi end stereo.

Hi end stereo is composed of amplifiers, speakers, cd players, turntables and cables. Each manufacturer tries to develop their respective technologies and create the best sound out of their products they can. An amplifier manufacturer seeks to produce the best sound they can from each watt of energy their products produce. A speaker manufacturer tries to produce sound that resembles a real instrument or vocal. Cd player and turntable manufacturers try to minimize vibrations and generate a distortion free signal. Cable companies take all of this energy and try to pass it through to each component in the cleanest way possible without adding any coloration of their own.

The most important component in the hi end stereo chain is the room in which all of these components are assembled and listened to. I want to say that that room acoustic product companies exhibit the same passion in producing their products as the amplifier, speaker, cd players, turntable, and cable manufacturers, but I can not.

Most room acoustic companies create products that are cheap to manufacture, inexpensive to purchase and when they installed in a room, they sound like no effort was put into their development. I want to say that room acoustic products are viewed as an equal quality component in the hi end stereo chain because they are. Of course, I want to say that because it is more than true. I just wish more acoustic product companies had the same passion in creating their technologies as the other members of the hi end stereo chain.


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