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DIY Recording Studio Setup Explained

By May 28, 2012No Comments

I want to share this post from written by Louie Herrm on setting up a DIY recording studio. As he explains making your own studio has never been so easy, with the high accessibility of Microphones and recording software, among other things. When choosing a mic, you may either use a built in one or a higher quality USB microphone, be wary when choosing a USB microphone, however. For more control, investing in a USB mixer would be wise. When it comes to audio mixing applications, you can choose from Audacity, which is open source and gives you a multitude of options, the OSX only Garageband, or the countless other mixers out there. There are various venues to publish your completed works such as Bandcamp and Kunaki. These publishers take a share of your profits however, so consider which one you would prefer. There are alternatives like kickstarter that rely on donations from others and advertising on sites like Facebook, so you’re surely not limited.

 A worthy 5 minute read:
Minting music: How to setup a DIY recording studio on your computer –


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