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Today we’re going to talk about our D.I.Y. plans. You can go on our website go into the shop section through the pull down and you’re going to come across a section that says D.I Y. plans, and a lot of our customers take advantage of these. So we want to make sure that you kind of understand what’s going on here. Why did I come up with D.I.Y. plans? Because room acoustic treatments are very expensive and you have to cover a lot of surface area, and I wanted to make it available for people who had carpentry skill sets, and you must have carpentry skills sets to build these plans. My classic question to people is do you build things? Do you have carpentry skills? And people always say yes. My next question to qualify it even further is can you run a table saw? If I sense any hesitation pause or any kind of break in in the conversation I realize that they can’t.

So you must be able to run a table saw and you must be able to do it safely. I’ll tell you all a funny story. We have three people full time that run saws in our shop, none of them have their little fingers and when I hire people that run saws I look for that no finger because I know they’re not going to make that mistake again.It was just a little unobtrusive measure that we use here so you have to be very careful, but these plans are designed to be built by someone who has carpentry skills. If you don’t know how to run a table saw please don’t try to attempt these. If you hurt yourself, I know you’re enthusiastic you want to try to build your own treatments I get that, but take the plans to someone who has the necessary skill set and the tools so you don’t get yourself injured; no fun losing and an appendage believe me

All through the years I developed numerous prototypes, our phone technology came about nine attempts I think over eight years till I got the proper rates and levels. My carbon technology took twelve different prototypes over seven years before we found the right combination. So what I did was I took all of those drawings and all of those successes and failures and I put them together in plans that you can build yourself. Now you won’t get the quality and the performance of our production products, but you will get great plans that you can use that will direct you on how to build absorption and diffusion products. Now the absorption products we offer our broadband diaphragmatic absorbers.

This is the same performance as our ACDA ten unit without the carbon. Our carbon is a proprietary technology so we don’t offer that in the D.I.Y. plans, but you can get real good performance with the B.D.A. build plans. Foam panels, a lot of people love foam it’s cheap, economical, and it does perform fairly well if you find the right rates and levels, but they don’t like the look of it; well with our foam panel D.I.Y. kit you can build a box cover it with fabric and make it look pretty. You can make the wood in the box any kind you want to match your existing décor; so foam panels. Then we have sliding foam panels for Windows. Just go on our website look at the D.I.Y. plans in the shop and you’ll see all the breakdowns.

Diffusion is another one that people really like but are confused about, confusion for diffusion I guess. So we focus on Quadratic, I didn’t create Quadratic diffusion it was created by Bell Labs many, many years ago and then Schroeder really adapted it for audio. So we focus on six different areas prime seven through to prime twenty three. The bottom line here is we have build plans for all the most favorite and popular diffusion sequences in the quadratic diffusion category. So the bottom line here is the plans will help you build. Diffusers are not difficult to build but there’s a lot of parts, so you have to have the necessary skill set, you have to be able to cut a straight edge; and then what we can do once you get a build is we can help you with positioning, and give you all kinds of assistance there and we can help you through the build process too. So this is a way through our D.I.Y. plans for you to build your own technology and then we can assist you with positioning and how many units you need where what type, things like that through our database. So look at our website for the D.I.Y. plans and make sure you have the skill set to build them.

This is an unedited transcript from our video series from Acoustic Fields. There will be some errors in grammar and sentence structure that occur during this translation process.

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Dennis Foley

I am an acoustic engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the business. My technology has been used in Electric Lady Land Studios, Sony Music of New York, Cello Music and Films founded by Mark Levinson, and Saltmines Studios in Mesa, Arizona, along with hundreds of others.

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