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Dealing With Unruly Reverb

By April 12, 2012No Comments

I came across this article on written by Björgvin Benediktsson about 5 ways to use reverb effectively in mixing. The first way is Gates. This method uses reverb without a long tail and decay. The second method is Compressors. In this method, the reverb swells when the vocals stop. The third method is EQng Reverbs. This filters out the lower frequencies in the reverb, eliminating muddiness. Fourth is The Diffusion Button. This creates a shorter reverb, sounding more live. Finally is Pre-Delay. Pre-Delay is good for vocals as it creates more distance between the reverb and vocals. Reverb is an effective mixing tool. Using different and varied techniques can create even better mixes for your music so do check out the full spectrum and read up on your options in the below post.

How to Take Charge of Your Unruly Reverb


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