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Welcome to the forth Acoustic Treatment Google Hangout with Dennis Foley from Acoustic Fields. The below broadcast went live at 11am EST on Tuesday, July 29th, so thank you for your questions on the room acoustic issues which have been troubling you. You can see Dennis’ answers on the following hangout video and the questions we addressed.

Google Hangout questions for Tues 29th July
1. I understand from your video that the managment of reflections is very important for a good sound. How about the approach of Bose, where some of the acoustic energy comes from reflections (or a lot, in the case of the 901 speaker). The same principles apply? Or should one be even more careful??

2. What is the best acoustic treatment for windows?

3. What is the best acoustic treatment for a vocal booth?

4. Is there a room acoustic prediction software you would recommend?

5. Why are you so against using a room acoustic calculator to work out what treatment you need?

6. Thank you for doing the room acoustic analysis for me. Can you explain what is the difference between axial and tangential issues means? Also what are oblique modes and why are those not reported?

7. Could you talk about how to fix a noisy restaurant. 60 x 30 x 30′ ceiling. With pendant speakers at 11′ of the floor.

See you at the same time, same place next week!



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