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Brad Haehnel

Noise Alchemy Studios



Testing the Product –
Brad’s Studio & our ACDA units

Brad Haehnel, an audio engineer, started with 8 of our ACDA-10 units to manage the low frequencies from 30 – 300 Hz. in his room. He will be building a new studio shortly and wanted to test our carbon technology in his current room which he has worked in for 7 years. Watch the video to listen to his responses. Phase two of the testing program was our foam technology. Brad had building insulation panels for middle and high-frequency management. We covered them with our foam technology. Listen to Brad describe the difference.

Audio Engineering

Brad Haehnel is a Grammy award-winning audio engineer. This is the top award in his field of film and audio. This process involves adding music (emotion) to video, which is no easy task. You must have audio recording chops, mixing skills, and presentation value talents to mix all of these requirements together. Brad has been recognized from his Grammy award-winning work with Nelly Furtado to his Oscar award-winning music mixes of the feature film Life Of Pi. Other credits include The Lego Movie, Ninjago, The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, Stork, and Pete’s Dragon. You can check out his IMDB page for a full list of his credits. Brad has survived and prospered in a world few have even survived. Brad is a true professional who knew he had to do something with the low-end issues within his room.

When your mixing audio for film, the same issues as mixing for playback in small rooms happens. It is still all about the audio translation in the low end. Translation with film scores means the same thing as translation with smaller room audio mixes, except with one major exception. The low end must fill a large room. Low frequency fills in a small room, not an issue. A large venue with 1,500 seats is a whole another issue. This is part of the reason behind the LFE (low-frequency effects channel) for film audio engineers such as Brad. Let’s give audio engineers their own LFE channel. Film room low-frequency effects below 80 Hz. its own channel. The engineers need their own channel to manage the low-frequency output from the mix into the larger theater venue.

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Low Frequency Treatment with ACDA

To improve translation in his current mix room of 7 years, Brad chose 8 of our ACDA-10 studio units. He made them his own by placing fabric color and texture selection on each face. Four were placed upon the front wall and four on the rear. This is 48 square feet per wall which satisfy our 50 square feet minimum surface area coverage. Remember the front wall is the wall of the highest pressure in 90% of smaller rooms. The position of the next strongest unwanted axial modes can be the rear or sidewalls. You must start with these surface areas with any low-frequency absorption treatment type and amount. Need evidence of that claim, look no further than Brad’s front of the room rig. Watch the video testimonial of his two weeks with the ACDA experience.

We are just getting started with Brad’s room. Next step is to remove the building insulation panels on each sidewall. Before we remove them, we will attach a piece of our 25″ x 55″ x 2″ foam technology.  We will put our foam pieces on the face of each building insulation panel. Brad has been using these building insulation panels for 7 years. He will be able to compare the performance of our foam technology with the absorption rates and levels of building insulation. Remember these words: rate and level. Sidewall reflection time signature management with our 2″ foam instead of 4″ of building insulation. A Grammy award-winning film engineer using our foam and carbon technology in his mix room. Just remembered that Brad is trying out our new guitar cable in Atlanta. Stay tuned.

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Products Used in this Treatment


– A broadband, low-frequency, absorber starting at 30 Hz. and going through 6,300 Hz.

Acoustic Foam Panels

-A smooth, low-frequency, absorbing foam with an absorption curve from 125 Hz. – 6,300 Hz. 

Our ACDA and Acoustic Foam technology can be tailored to suite your room’s own unique style!

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That’s why you need an individual room acoustic analysis in order to fix the issues you’re facing in your room.
Our chief acoustics engineer Dennis Foley will analyse your room personally and the best part is: It’s 100% free![/vc_cta]


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