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Greetings from NE Wisconsin.
Posts: 2
October 10, 2021 - 3:47 pm


Greetings Dennis, and to my ( now, I guess!) fellow Audionauts of this forum.

Somewhere in my past (…which runs quite a ways back, considering that I was born at a very early age…), I was told that if you want to get smart about something, hang around those who are way-smarter than you. Aside from the fact that leaves the field pretty wide open for me on any topic…it is what brings me to this forum after several weeks of off-and-on viewing of Dennis’s YouTube videos . So far I believe I have learned quite a bit of valuable information, despite the fact that an awful lot of the technical talk for me still tends to sound a lot like Charlie Brown’s elementary school teacher!

I am now six years into retirement from a myriad of hobbies, pastimes, and professional pursuits. My present collection of circumstances (…and the attempt to keep out from under my wife’s feet and out of her hair!…) have landed me to where I need to create a vocal recording room/booth-ish set up. My initial mission is to convert an 80 page State publication into some form of audiobook-like format as to make its content more accessible to those with visual or reading issues. I’m hoping that might lead to bigger and better things, and hopefully bigger and better facilities eventually!

However, sealing my fate was my beloved & cheerleading wife bragging me up at a recent Special Education Conference. Apparently I’m now penciled-in to speak at an upcoming virtual meeting with several dozen extremely excited educators and facilitators about the project – most of whom are somewhere between “thank goodness…” and “it’s about time…” someone is tackling this idea!”

(Failure is now no longer a bailout option for me!)

I find myself having to rely on my part-time job fun-money to try to convert the only spot presently available in my home: A large storage closet that I believe is clearly in the running for Audio Fields 2021 Red Zone Room Of The Year award.

Clearly an audiophile’s dream* , this coveted area is a carpeted 6 feet wide & 13 feet long. With the acoustic hang ceiling in place, it is 6’ 7” tall; without, it reaches a breathtaking 7’ 8”…in between several longitudinally running 9 1/2” 2×10 wooden joists. Amenities include a floor to ceiling electrical panel closet some 9” x 32“ deep/wide; And possibly several 15 inch by three-quarter inch thick shelves that I may or may not be able to shrink or remove… Based on my wife’s storage needs!

As I figure out using this forum a bit better, and hopefully accessing some more of the online website’s information sources, I hope to discern better what type of challenge I’m up against. For anyone happening to read this intro, your input and suggestions are more than welcome. Or, if you wish to encourage me in my run for the website’s before-mentioned award, please feel free to include your catcalls and laughter (…Seriously – I can take it…)!

Greetings to you all once again. Thank you for the honor it is for me to – at least temporarily – stand in the midst of many minds much wiser, smarter, and greater than mine in the realm of understanding this strange, new world I have landed on called Sound and Audio Management !

{ And in particular, Dennis, if you happen to be reading this, I am thankful for you coming out on top of this year’s health challenges. You have my prayers for a continued and rapid recovery & full return to those things you enjoy. Take care, my good Sir! And THANK YOU for the incredible resources you have created! Godspeed! }

Warmly from Wisconsin – Enjoy, all you’s out there, ya dare, hey!

( * …nightmares are dreams too, ya know… )

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