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To soundproof a wall, you can add materials to the wall surface or you can go inside the wall and add materials in the stud spaces. You can soundproof with different materials placed on the inside wall surfaces. Both music and vocals require different approaches in your listening, home theater, professional recording or monitoring environment. Using materials that compliment the existing wall design and structure will contribute to the overall soundproof performance.

ACDA-5 acda-10_0 ACDA-12

The ACDA series of Low Frequency Absorption Built Into Studio Walls, Engineered By Acoustic Fields

All Materials Must Be Considered

Existing inside the room, soundproof technologies are divided into foams and fiberglass insulation type materials. These technologies are inconsistent in their performance and lack the necessary appearance quality level. Those products that do represent themselves as performing sound proof qualities, offer little comfort to the designers who must balance appearance and performance. None of these technologies address bass or low frequency energy.

concrete barrier 0211 Foam Form For 8″ Poured Concrete Wall

Energy Inside The Room

Acoustic Fields uses two main approaches to deal with soundproofing when it comes to management of low, medium, and high frequency energy management inside the room. First, we have our own foam technology that comes in three different thicknesses. You can manage internal room absorption levels and rates by choosing the appropriate foam thickness to accomplish your room absorption objectives. You can use our foam technology that is smooth in absorption and has predictable and consistent rates and levels of absorption performance. Secondly, we use activated carbon (charcoal) in freestanding or built in the wall technology that can lower bass energy issues with technology that has rates and levels of absorption never before achieved in a commercially viable product.

install1 install3

The Absorber Wall Series Of Soundproofing Walls Solutions Engineered By Acoustic Fields

New Construction

We can also work with creating a new wall construction method that will contribute to keeping sound generated inside the room inside where it belongs and keeping sound generated from outside of your room, outside where it belongs. We design walls that have a high STC rating. STC stands for sound transmission class rating and is a number that is assigned to the wall construction method that inhibits sound energy from going through it.

living roof 0082

Poured Concrete: STC-56

This technology deals with both sound energy created on the inside of the room and noise that is generated from outside the room. Using a combination of solid concrete with foam liners on each side and then filling those foam cavities with proprietary technology from Acoustic Fields, you can achieve very high STC ratings and thus control noise levels from the ground up. With our technology, you can build a barrier to noise from both within and without of your room.

concrete barrier 0321Proper Room Size: 25’W x 50’L x 16’H

Please feel free to browse through our range of solutions at your leisure. Our ACDA series, Abrsorber Wall Series and Sound Barrier Technology are ideal for your needs.