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Sound Diffusion

Sound diffusion is designed to assist you with reflection management in your home theater, listening, and professional recording studios. Diffusion takes the reflection and “breaks” it into smaller reflections, if you will, that are spread out in a vertical or horizontal plane. Diffusion does not change sound energy into heat like absorption does, so you do not have to lose energy through absorption to control it.

This video we made explains the process of sound diffusion in more detail.

Quadratic Diffusion

We specialize in quadratic diffusion because it is time tested and proven in professional applications. There are two types of diffusors that we offer. We offer a miniature diffusor that has smaller wells or troughs and is great for controlling and minimizing flutter echo which is that annoying sound one gets from two parallel walls that are close together. For larger room distances, we offer full length quadratic sequences based on prime numbers 7, 11 , 13, 17, and 19. Higher prime number full length diffusion sequences are also available on request.

MDW Series Solid Wood

Our MDW series has three prime numbered diffusors using prime numbers 7, 11, and 13. Each sequence has its own application and depends on your particular room wall distances. Consult us for application requirements. All MDW units are made from solid wood and can be stained to match any decor.

Full Length Sequences

If you have a larger area to work with, you will benefit from our full length quadratic diffusion sequences. These units measure 36″ x 60″ x 20″ and weigh in at 275 Lbs as they are made of solid wood. Solid wood presents the best sound for a diffusor and you can see our flagship QDA 19 here for more information.

You must have the proper distances for these diffusors to be effective. Each diffusion sequence calls for a certain minimum distance in order for the diffused waveform to completely form and the following video explains this in greater depth.

Please consult us with your own particular issues and we can better recommend the correct diffusor to fit your needs.

DIY Sound Diffuser Options

We also offer a series of DIY diffuser kits with all the wood pre cut and measured so all you need to do is assemble it in your room. We have options for prime 7, 11 and 13.

DIY QD 13 Kit measurements

The DIY QD 13 Kit is available here.

This video shows the step by step assembly process for the DIY QD 13 Kit.

DIY QD 11 Kit measurements

The DIY QD 11 Kit is available here.

DIY QD 7 Kit measurements

The DIY QD 7 Kit is available here.

DIY Sound Diffuser Build Plans

Should you have carpentry skills we also have DIY Diffuser Build Plans which include material, tool and cut sheets so you can build your diffuser by hand. We provide plans for the QD 7, 11 and 13 series and all can be purchased here.

In Summary

Sound Diffusion is one of the most misunderstood tools in room acoustics. When you get it right it adds a quality to your presentation that is unlike any other tool and one that we would suggest you never go without. Please call us on 520–392–9486 or email if you have any questions and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Dennis Foley