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When you contact us and give us your room dimensions, equipment layout, and other data, we will put your data into our measured room data base and begin the process. We will then be better able to evaluate your room with data that shows what you are hearing in your own room based on the acoustical issues your room is exhibiting. From there, we will then discuss what your acoustic goals and objectives are. We now have a starting point with your room compared to our data base and your expectations or sonic goals for your room.

Unit Package Pricing

Every surface in our rooms contributes something to the total sound of our room. To address the acoustical issues, we need to treat certain surface areas with absorption or diffusion technology. In stereo presentations, we need to work with two speakers. In home theater, we have multiple mono sources to acoustically treat. We can tell you what room surface is contributing what you don’t like and show you options for management.

Acoustic Package

We can assemble a package of units that will resolve your concerns for the front,rear,and side walls. Each package of units will address the sonic issues for your particular room and system. You can color coordinate fabrics along with wood type and stain color to produce a color and wood coordinated room acoustic treatment for your individual decor.


Measure twice and cut once is the aim when it comes to building any acoustical room treatment and room design. Up front time and planning can go a long way to saving time and money in the long run. Taming low frequency resonances is our first priority and room size, shape, and volume are critical in the beginning. If one does not get low frequency issues correct from the beginning, you will be chasing modes forever. Construction materials, assembly, and installation are critical with all acoustic installations. They must be performed in certain steps with certain material types to achieve our acoustical goals.

Everything Tested

We design, build, and test construction techniques for sound isolation and sound transmission loss. We can save you from mistakes that are expensive to fix. Our technologies work and will fix issues in a predictable and consistent manner.


All our technology is our own except quadratic diffusion which has been around for years and is time tested and proven. Our foams are our own. Our activated carbon, bass absorbing technology is our own. All of our technology was developed because we were not happy with the band aids that existed in the marketplace then and now. Our technology is powerful, consistent, and accurate. It was designed with that mandate clearly in mind.

Our Promise To You

Quality acoustical solutions are expensive. You get what you pay for. To us, there is nothing worse than buying a product someone or some company has told you will solve this or that acoustical issue and then when upon installation, its performance falls short of your expectations. At Acoustic Fields, we are not about band aids. Our acoustical products provide real and permanent solutions. We guarantee our end result and product recommendations. If we do not achieve your acoustical goals to your satisfaction, simply return the technology back to us for a full refund. We have never had that happen in six years of being in business.

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