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D.I.Y. Done Right

9 Month Project

Do You Want To Solve Your Room Acoustic Problems?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to room acoustics.
That’s why you need an individual room acoustic analysis in order to fix the issues you’re facing in your room.
Our chief acoustics engineer Dennis Foley will analyse your room personally and the best part is: It’s 100% free!


Very Dedicated Listening Piano Rooms

Very Dedicated Listening Piano Rooms CAW - Carbon Absorbing Wall Hugh's Video Walkthrough • 2′ x 12″ Wood Frame Studs • Carbon technology on walls and ceiling • Multiple Layered Stud Space “Sandwiches” • Wall Sections Bolted Together • Low Noise Floors • Engineered Ceilings • 12″ Thick Door Building Advantages Building your own room [...]

Brad Haehnel

Brad Haehnel Noise Alchemy Studios LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA, USA Testing the Product - Brad's Studio & our ACDA units Brad Haehnel, an audio engineer, started with 8 of our ACDA-10 units to manage the low frequencies from 30 - 300 Hz. in his room. He will be building a new studio shortly and wanted to [...]

State of the Art Acoustics

State of the Art Acoustics Dual Usage Room: Listening and Piano Silence is golden What do you get when you build a listening room that cost $450,000.00? You get nothing. You get a room that sounds like no room. The best sound you will ever hear from your electronics is just the electronics with no [...]

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