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Why Does Your Church Sound So Bad?

Why does your church sound so bad? Why can't we hear the spoken word clearly? Why is the music muffled and unclear? Why is church attendance so low? If these questions resonate with your congregation, it's time to transform your church's acoustics and create a captivating auditory environment.

At Acoustic Fields, we specialize in providing tailored acoustic treatment solutions exclusively for churches across the United States. Our expertise lies in addressing the common challenges faced by religious institutions like yours, ensuring that every word spoken and every note played reaches the hearts of your worshipers.

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The Problem: Reverberation – The Lingering Sound Obstacle

The Solution: Tailored Acoustic Treatment for Your Church

Our Approach: A Comprehensive and Customizable Solution

We provide a comprehensive approach to acoustic treatment, tailoring our solutions to your church's specific needs. By strategically placing the correct amount of surface area coverage on each wall, we enhance Speech Intelligibility and ensure that every word uttered in your sanctuary carries its intended impact.

We offer a DIY program designed exclusively for churches and schools, empowering you to take charge of your acoustics while saving up to 40% over retail prices. With this program, we handle the design process, supply you with the necessary materials, and guide you through the installation. It's a cost-effective way to achieve remarkable results and transform your church's auditory experience.

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Before we had any of this foam in our church, we heard this very violent echo. After services on Sunday it was very difficult to hear each other. By the grace of god we found Dennis. The quality is just excellent.

Ryan GorectkeCalvary Chapel, Kodiak Alaska