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Aures London

Under the city of London, England, there is another city. It is a city of space that will be filled with entertainment advances that represent the current state of the art in video and audio technology. The goal will be the highest resolution for both video and audio in large room formats that are far from ideal acoustically. There will be other sciences represented but for our purposes, we are treating this new space with our carbon, foam, and diffusion technologies.

The World’s First Fully Immersive
Music & Entertainment Venue

Audio Better Than Video

The project leaders are unique in their approach to audio. They want the audio to be equal or better than the video. No small task against 4 K resolution, sorry 8 K. With rooms that have 30′ ceilings, 60′ lengths and up to 40 channels of energy to create immersive sound enclosed in a concrete fortress that is 3′ thick, we must have large rates and levels of low frequency absorption. Since the full range energy can not leave the room, we must absorb all excess energy to achieve the highest resolution. A task our carbon technology was designed for.

The treatment will include our new smaller module design where we actually build a wall with units with each unit representing another “brick in the wall”. Sorry, could’t resist. ACDA-12 frequency specific modules at 30 – 50 Hz. , ACDA-10 broadband units from 30 – 200 Hz. and numerous prime number diffusion sequences will round out the treatment assignments. To calculate how many and where to place them will be no easy task. In one room, we have video walls that are 20′ high. Not only is the sound immersive, but so is the video. This is not your average project.

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Absorbing All Excess Energy

Engineers from B+O and Pioneer will meet the audio and video requirements and there will be lots of energy in rooms with surfaces that will not allow for any frequency “bleeds”. There will be no pressure relief valves in this shell. We must absorb all excess energy at amplitudes that will be as low as 60 dB spl to over a 100 dB spl in short time periods. Rates and levels of absorption at frequencies below 100 Hz. must be calculated for all surfaces.

There can be no error when competing with 8 K video resolution screens that are 20′ high and cover all four walls and the ceiling We must match the 8 K video resolution with a “8 K” audio resolution. Finally, a company who understands that high resolution video and high resolution audio go hand in hand. A synergy of resolution between audio and video that has never been seen or heard before. In this case, one plus one equals three.

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QDA Quadratic Diffuser Absorber Series

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Our QDA units are two units within one. First, a quadratic diffuser based upon prime number 7, 11, 13, 17 or 23. Inside the quadratic diffuser is our activated carbon broadband low frequency absorber.

ACDA-10 Activated Carbon
Diaphragmatic Absorber

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The ACDA-10 is our flagship, activated carbon, broadband, diaphragmatic absorber with low frequency absorption from 30 Hz. – 200 Hz. The face of the unit can be used to support one of our foam absorber thicknesses.

ACDA-12 Activated Carbon
Diaphragmatic Absorber

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The ACDA-12 is our activated carbon, diaphragmatic absorber with low frequency absorption from 30 Hz. – 50 Hz. It is the most powerful low-frequency absorber ever created.

About Aures London

Aures London will be the UK’s first fully immersive entertainment venue with cutting-edge acoustics, 3D audio and visual projection.

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