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The current acoustic panels market uses products that look like they did not have any design time invested in them at all. Most are insulation type material with a fabric covering that hangs on the wall. Their design looks like an afterthought, instead of elevating their performance and appearance up to a new standard and level they do neither. They are standard 2’x 4′ sizes which lend themselves to material usage and cost savings but do little to satisfy the acoustical issues they should really address. Performance and appearance should come first.

PFP - .5 PFP - .25 PFP - 2.0

PFP Series – Foam Technology

Performance And Appearance Important

Performance is almost secondary to cost and appearance. With exception to this granted to a few companies, all in all, the performance and appearance both suffer. Acoustical products of which acoustical panels are just one type of product provide for over 50% of the sound one hears in the personal listening room, home theater system or professional recording and monitoring rooms.

New Performance And Appearance

Shouldn’t we take extra time in research and development and create tools that perform as good as they look? Amplifier companies do. Speaker companies are all about performance and appearance. Why not acoustical products companies? Well it’s the same question we asked ourselves when we set out on this mission to improve the performance and design of our acoustic panels.

AF Sound Absorption Chart


Acoustic panels can absorb. Application depends on acoustic needs and goals. Absorption must be smooth and gradual. You don’t want to over absorb certain frequencies and under absorb others. Instead you want a nice even and gradual rate of absorption in your absorbing acoustical panels. Our proprietary foam took eight years to create the smooth absorbing performance that just takes a little off each frequency group whilst taking just enough to reduce the reflection and not smother the voice or music. All of this performance comes wrapped in real hardwood boxes with hardwood matching frames and acoustically transparent fabric face.


Our diffusor acoustic panels are made of solid wood and stained to match any decor need. Nothing sounds any better in a diffusor than real wood. We have tried them all. There is simply no substitute for the warm sound of wood. Different woods can produce warmer or colder diffusion sound.

Acoustic Fields’ Mission

Our mission statement at Acoustic Fields is to elevate the room acoustic product up to the component level through improved performance and appearance. With our PFP series and MDW series you now have a consistent and predictable acoustic absorption and diffusion technology that performs as well as it looks.

Please feel free to browse through our range of Acoustic Panels at your leisure. Our acoustic panels PFP series are ideal for your needs.

Listen To The Music… Without Hearing The Room