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Current Ceiling Treatments

In the past, ceilings have not had many attractive options when it comes to finishing them for appearance and sound control. Ceilings can contribute up to 20% of what you hear in your room. Current products in the marketplace are designed to be lightweight and cheap. Unfortunately, this design criteria does not lend itself to a quality appearance or performance. In most rooms, the ceiling treatment is often the last consideration mainly because there are so few attractive and performing options. As a result there is also a limited color and material choice available today from most manufacturers, until now!

PFP - .5 PFP - .25 PFP - 2.0

The PFP Series Of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Engineered By Acoustic Fields

Not All Foams Created Equal

Most foams that are used in acoustic ceiling tiles over absorb some frequencies and do not absorb other frequencies at all. Pressed fiber board yellows with time and does not have the necessary rates and levels of absorption to accomplish any acoustic objective other than conceal the support system for the ceiling tile. Fiberglass insulation has uneven performance and definitely ranks last in appearance.

Solid Wood Only

Our PFP series contains our foam technology wrapped in a solid wood cabinet. We do not use veneers. The solid wood is sanded and sealed with 5 coats of clear sealer. It is furniture grade. Numerous attractive sound transparent fabrics are available to choose from. Units come in two pieces. Secure the base unit which contains the foam technology and then push the frame onto its binding posts. This is the same system most speaker manufacturers use to secure their speaker grill cloths to their speakers.

Diffusion Offers Another Option

Absorption is not the only method for dealing with ceiling surface reflections. Diffusion is another popular treatment. You can alternate between diffusion and absorption technologies to achieve a balance of both technologies which work well for both vocals and instruments.

MDW - 7 MDW - 11 MDW - 13

The MDW Series Of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Engineered By Acoustic Fields

With Acoustic Fields’ foam technology, you can now design a ceiling tile that looks good and performs great. You can choose the fabric color and wood choice to match any decor whilst choosing from four different foam thicknesses to achieve any absorption design objective. Numerous wood and finish options round out the appearance choices.

Impedance Tube Testing 1/2

Impedance Tube Testing 1/2″ Thick Foam

Eight Years To Develop

With our foam technology on your ceiling, you will have technology that took over eight years to develop and has the smoothest absorption curves of any foam technology currently on the market. It can handle both voice and music in a way that doesn’t smother or make the sound too dead. It is predictable and consistent in its performance which lets the end user dial in the required amounts and levels of absorption. All of this performance is wrapped in a solid wood, fabric faced, furniture grade unit.

Please feel free to browse through our range of Ceiling Tiles at your leisure. Our PFP series and MDW Series are ideal for your needs.

Listen To The Music… Without Hearing The Room