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Do you have windows in your listening or music play back room? Do you dislike the sound that comes from the reflections that strike the window surface? It’s that glaring, harsh, and brittle sound that pierces your ears and makes the fillings in your teeth vibrate. It is that same glass fishbowl sound quality you get from listening to music in your car where you are surrounded by glass and “glass sound”.

Once into your room, it is free to strike all your room surfaces including your window or sliding glass door on your side wall. So now you have two brittle and harsh sounding elements contributing to your sound “quality”. To compound these issues, perhaps you only have that one window on one side of the room with no window on the other side. This kind of asymmetry on your side walls will destroy your sound stage. Any efforts you make to attempt to remedy your volume shifting sound stage will be fruitless.

So you’re stuck knowing you cannot take your windows out or build a wall over them because they do serve a purpose, just not a musical purpose. Glass is the worst surface you can have in your music rooms. You could cover them with drapes or some type of fabric treatment but will that treatment absorb at the proper rate and level that will mange and not destroy all of your reflected energy? Will it do enough to add value and emotion to your sound stage and musical presentation?

What Will You Experience?

  • With the Acoustic Fields ABSORBERBLIND your glass reflection headaches could be a thing of your past. It is based on the vertical blind concept. It features a series of individual vanes that are hung from a valance. Each vane is covered on both sides with our proprietary open celled acoustic foam. The absorption rate has been tested and you can see the rate and level of absorption you are using. This is not a window treatment used by interior decorators to add something to cover a window as a second thought. This is a real acoustical instrument that serves multiple musical purposes.
  • With absorbing foam on both sides, the ABSORBERBLIND absorbs reflections from the inside of the room and it also absorbs any reflections that escape through and touch the glass window. With foam on both sides of the vane, no surface is exposed to allow that surface to add its harmful effects into your room.
  • Each vain can be turned or rotated 180 degrees. This allows you to adjust the amount of absorption/reflection that you desire. With the ABSORBERBLIND completely closed, you have maximum reflection absorption from the room itself and any energy that is striking the glass. If this proves to be too much absorption for your particular room, you can rotate the ABSORBERBLIND vanes to allow for more reflections to mix with the rest of the direct energy from your loud speakers to achieve just the right balance between direct and reflected energy.
  • With the ABSORBERBLIND you get an open celled acoustic foam treatment that absorbs energy at the correct rate and level to achieve a sound stage that has the correct width to allow for all the instruments and vocals to be heard in their respective places on your sound stage.
  • With the ABSORBERBLIND, you get the ability to cover that dreaded glass surface in your room, the one that creates a harshness and brittleness to your music that gives you that nagging headache after prolonged listening. You can then retract it and look out the window and see all the pollution caused by corporations in the name of money.
  • With the ABSORBERBLIND, you get the ability to fully cover a window, wall, or door and then retract the ABSORBERBLIND into a smaller space area, so it is not visible when you are not using it.
  • With the ABSORBERBLIND, you get the ability to choose a color and texture for your unit that will compliment any room decor, so you can co-ordinate your window treatment with the rest of the furnishings in your listening room, home theater room, or professional recording studio.
  • With the ABSORBERBLIND, you can cover the window that separates your control room from your vocal room or live room to allow vocalists and instrumentalists a bit of privacy during the recording process which gives you greater flexibility in the recording process and ensures you can record material without that dreaded reflection off the control room glass surfaces appearing in the mix.
  • With the ABSORBERBLIND you get an acoustic absorption tool that can be retracted and expanded over any surface, it does not have to be just for your glass surfaces. If you desire more absorption in your live room you can extend the Absorberblind out over a desired surface and then retract it when not in use.

That’s Not All!

If you order the ABSORBERBLIND today you will also get:

– A free bonus DVD on room acoustic treatments
– A free one hour phone or video consultation on your room mode issues with me, the products inventor, Dennis Foley
– Free enrollment in our exclusive Platinum members club for Professional Studio Engineers and Audiophiles
– A 100% risk free 30 day money back guarantee.

No Glass Sound In Your Rooms

Our AbsorberBlind was designed to deal with windows and doors. Glass surfaces in your listening rooms, home theaters, and professional recording studios are a fact of life. You must be able to see or walk out of them when you are not listening to music or recording it. You must be able to cover the glass surface when you are playing or recording music and video. You do not want glass sound anywhere.

Absorber blind

Multiple Frame And Fabric Colors

brown blinds 001


Vertical Blind Type Treatment

Our AbsorberBlind is designed after the vertical blind window treatment. In fact, each vain in the AbsorberBlind is 3 1/2″ wide which is the same width as a regular vertical blind vain. Each vain is available in three basic color combinations of frame and 7 fabric colors. Inside the blind is our 1/2″ foam technology.

blinds 21

Compact Size When Retracted

The AbsorberBlind on a regular Arcadia door can compact when closed to 15″. When it is open it covers a 7′ space. It is available in an inside or outside mount, motorized or manual operation. Blind heights available up to 8′. Lengths up to 20.

Smooth And Gradual Absorption Performance

AF Sound Absorption Chart

Listen To The Music… Without Hearing The Room