Acoustic Fields’
Activated Carbon Technology
Installed At Capitol Records

Robert Vosgien’s room at Capitol Records was a mastering room he had worked in for over 20 years. Recent remodeling, especially of the rear wall, had some impact on the rates and levels of low frequency absorption in the room. The low end needed assistance and the rear wall changes had impacted the image at the mastering position.

Robert was not happy that the new rear wall did not allow for enough low end management around the mastering position. We used a combination of our ACDA-10, ACDA -12, and QDA-11 technologies to increase the rate and level of absorption in the low end and add more spaciousness, definition and separation with quadratic diffusion.

These Acoustic Field’s changes allowed for a new and much more tighter and defined low end with a much wider and deeper sound stage, Imaging and definition were also improved with the addition of quadratic diffusion to the rear wall surface area.

Robert Vosgien, Mastering Engineer at Capitol Records, Los Angeles talks about working with Dennis Foley from Acoustic Fields.


Robert Vosgien graduated from Berklee School of Music in 1984 with a degree in Audio Recording. In 1985 he moved from Boston to Los Angeles and accepted a position at Capitol Studios where he was quickly promoted and began his mastering career in the early days of the compact disc format.

An accomplished guitar player and aficionado of vintage guitars and Marshall amps, it is no coincidence that Robert has mastered some of the finest guitarists in the business including Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, Gary Hoey and Christopher Parkening. However, one look at Robert’s discography and it becomes readily apparent that he is one of the most versatile mastering engineers in the business today. Tackling projects made with the smallest budgets to the largest, his unique blend of musical creativity and technical expertise enables him to get the most out of any genre of music.

For over twenty years, Robert has put his stamp on some of the biggest hits in popular music including OK GO, The Goo Goo Dolls, James Taylor, Bob Seger, Green Day, Frank Sinatra,The Wallflowers,Chris Botti, Fourplay, Bush, The Sick Puppies , Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and the 20 million units sold hit “Tragic Kingdom” by No Doubt.

Biography from LinkedIn

Robert Vosgien

Mastering Engineer
Capitol Records
Los Angeles, CA

Mastering Credits

Frank Sinatra | Bob Marley & The Wailers
Selena Gomez | Bob Seger | Nat King Cole
Rod Stewart | Miley Cyrus | Hilary Duff | Tina Turner
Iggy Pop | OK Go | John Lennon | No Doubt | R.E.M.

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