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The floor to ceiling dimension in any room is always the smallest of the three. The width and length of our rooms are usually greater than the height. Since the floor to ceiling dimension is the smallest of the three, it produces the largest lower frequency pressure issues. These unwanted pressure issues must be managed through the use of the proper rates and levels of absorption. We have two surface areas that we can treat to deal with these issues. We can treat the ceiling or we can treat the floor or if we are really serious about our musical resolution, we can treat both surfaces.

To treat low frequency issues between the floor and ceiling we use diaphragmatic absorption. Low frequency management technology is heavy and requires special consideration when mounting units on the ceiling. Individual units can average over 100 lbs. so care must be taken in the installation process. Another way to install the proper rate and level of absorption in the ceiling is to use our CAW system which can be viewed at this link: https://www.acousticfields.com/carbon-absorber-wall/

Each ceiling unit is custom designed to treat specifically the issues within your room ceiling to floor distance. The size and depth of each unit is determined to best treat your room frequency and amplitude issues. A ceiling height of 8′ will have different low-frequency issues than a ceiling with a 9′ – 10′ dimension. Likewise a 11′ dimension will have a different frequency and amplitude than a 12-13′ ceiling height. Each room usage and ceiling height is different. We will design the unit dimensions to work with your specific room issues.

Panels are 24″ x 48″ standard size and weigh over 100 lbs. We can adjust the width and length for each panel to accommodate your room requirements. If added middle and high frequency absorption is required to minimize reflections, we can add our proprietary foam technology to the face of each unit. Units can be painted any color that fits your set up.

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These units have special handling and shipping requirements, due to their weight and size. Please call us on 520-392-9486 or click HERE to contact us so we can assist you further.

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