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  • MDW

    Tired of not being able to hear all the sounds your equipment is producing? Distracted by flutter echo? Then you need a solution that deals with your problem the correct way. Say hello to the Mini Wood Diffuser Panel.

    You get:

    • A quadratic diffuser that has been extensively tested using a diffusion sequence especially selected for maximum impact on flutter echo.
    • A panel that will work as intended once you install it on the offending wall surface so you can concentrate on your music without having to second guess your ears.
    • The most time tested and proven method of diffusion technology on the market.
    • An acoustic tool that is made out of solid wood, so your vocals and middle range frequencies can have a natural warm and unbrittle edge to them.
    • An acoustical tool that you can color coordinate with the rest of your studio decor and room furniture.
    • An acoustic tool that is as easy to install as hanging a picture on a wall
    • Placement assistance in your room with our chief product designer so you can have over 20 years of acoustic experience guiding you through the product installation.
    • A technology that lets you compete on a level playing field with high end professional, purpose built recording studios.

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