Dual Usage Rooms

Dual Usage Rooms Home Theater Two Channel A lot of rooms today have multiple usages. In the professional world, you have rooms that are live rooms where people record instruments in. They also mix in the same room. In the consumer world, you will have a home theater and a personal listening room combined. These [...]


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D.I.Y. Done Right

D.I.Y. Done Right 9 Month Project Do You Want To Solve Your Room Acoustic Problems? There's no one size fits all when it comes to room acoustics. That's why you need an individual room acoustic analysis in order to fix the issues you're facing in your room. Our chief acoustics engineer Dennis Foley will analyse [...]

Brenda Desjardins – Studio 23

Brenda's Studio 23 Professional voice actor from San Diego, CA Designed for personal requirements It is special to have your own personal audio room. A room that is designed for your own personal usage. A room where the frequency response of your voice is designed for into the size and volume of your room. It [...]

Acoustic Fields Bus Tour

For years, all of us in the music business knew our rooms sound bad, especially in the low end. Those of us in the business have tried many things but most treatments do not perform as advertised or work at all. We have tried boxes filled with building insulation, foam, yes, and even egg crates [...]

Bill Malina

Bill Malina Grammy & Emmy nominated recording & mixing engineer based in Los Angeles, CA. Lady Gaga | Robin Thicke | Anastacia | Backstreet Boys | Jennifer Lopez | 2Pac Lady Gaga Robin Thicke Anastacia Backstreet Boys Jennifer Lopez 2Pac Santana | Quincy Jones | Pitbull | Ringo Starr | Destiny’s Child | Flo Rida [...]

The Moods of Modes

The Moods of Modes Let's talk about room modes and why they are one of the biggest challenges to accurate sound reproduction within our rooms. Unwanted Pressure In Our Sound Fields Low-frequency pressure is everywhere in our small rooms. It is all along the side walls. It is all through the area from the floor [...]

Side 3 Studios

Side 3 Studios LOW FREQUENCY ACCURACY Powerful Treatment - Easy Positioning All small audio rooms produce large low-frequency issues below 100 Hz. These unwanted modal pressure issues vary in frequency and amplitude. You can have + 16 dB @ 40 Hz. or - 11 dB @ 80 Hz. They are everywhere in the room. They [...]

T.A.P. – Type, Amount & Position

The T.A.P. Principle T.A.P. : TYPE - AMOUNT - POSITION: USE THIS TO IMPROVE YOUR ROOM ACOUSTIC Proven & Tested Techniques At Acoustic Fields, we have a database of over 130 built and measured rooms. The smallest room size/volume is 10' x 8' x 10' . The largest is 40' x 20' x 40' . [...]

Donovan Stark

Donovan Stark Musician, Producer & Engineer. Worked for SSL, iQ Audio, American Music & Sound Watch part II Nightmares & Reality Small rooms are two things. They are a reality today in the music business. They are also a nightmare when it comes to low frequency management. I have accepted both facts. I don't like [...]