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Small room wall design to incorporate as much acoustic tech as possible.
Posts: 1
April 5, 2021 - 2:56 am



First of all, thank you Dennis for all of your invaluable *science* based videos . Yippee for science, and not just filling a room with foam !I’m so glad I found them, as (even though I don’t always understand them completely) you take the time to break it all down, which is much appreciated

I am in the process of designing my new studio space. Use: Voice Acting & Singing. I’ve pretty much given up on trying to treat it for mixing as well, as the dimension are tricky. I also do not one to buy one of the pre-fab vocal booths, as I’ve worked in them before and I do not rate the sound quality.

*note* The below dimensions are for the room within the room, not the existing walls. The existing walls are being treated with a layer of 12.5 mm acoustic plasterboard (maybe, debating it’s actual efficacy at the moment), Tecsound 100SY (50SY for the ceiling, as the 100 is simply too heavy – https://www.soundinsulationsto…..und-sy-100), finishing off with a layer of dBoard (https://www.soundinsulationsto…..cts/dboard), and then leaving a 10mm gap before the studio walls.

Studio Dimensions
2.74 m = length (8.99 ft)
1.84 m = width (6.04 ft)
2.35 m = height (7.71ft)

Yeah, I know, tiny.

I just don’t want to build a muffled box. I want to tune the space to have a bit of life to it, while maintaining the maximum amount of space – I spend 30+ hours a week in my current studio space. I’m also designing a forced air ventilation system so I don’t pass out.

My question is, what would be an efficient wall design to use that can incorporate acoustic treatments within it – absorption & diffusion? The deeper the stud wall the more the space will get eaten up, but adding acoustic treatment after building walls eat up the space as well. I’m looking for the sweet spot- maximum treatment in the smallest amount of space.

The other tricky problem I have is we’re renovating the entire house, so the house is lacking doors, including a sliding glass pocket door looking out to the garden. This makes taking any sound measurements impossible at the moment.

I realise the correct way would be to wait for the house to be secured with all the appropriate doors and window, then take these measurements inside the would-be studio space, which I will try to do before the actual build.

I have already uploaded pictures into your room analysis form. I also went ahead and purchased the All In One DIY Acoustic Treatment Building Plans. I stopped short of purchasing the Vocal Booth Plans, but that may be the way to go for me. Unfortunately as I’m based in the UK your awesome acoustic foam panels are prohibitively expense for me to have shipped over. They whack on another tax at customs over here – truly eye watering. So I will try to look for an alternative product (I know, there probably isn’t one) – unless I can find a shipping work around, or win the lottery.

Many thanks in advance for any advice and/or taking the time to read my post.


Posts: 2
October 14, 2021 - 11:58 am


Hello Sarah,

I was wondering if you ever got advice on your build – or what/where you eventually decided to go with materials.

I am a total newbie to this world, and find myself needing to build a Voice Recording area for a project for the State. My only space available is similar to yours, except I can go out as far as 13 ft in one direction. Everything is stripped to the studs at this point.

I am hoping to do as much right as possible in the beginning, with hopes of improvement along the way, or a better area to build new somewhere.

Any insights on your project? Would love to hear back.

Or…..anyone else?!


Anthony Bloom
Green Bay Area, WI – US

Posts: 549
October 14, 2021 - 3:20 pm

Fill out the information within this link:…..-analysis/ Schedule a time to speak with Dennis

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