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Sun, 02 May 2021 09:06:13 -0700
SteveJag on Building a Listening Space: Step1 Discussions Hi All.

I've never had a space for my music before but I've now got that opportunity. So whatever happens I'm ahead of the game. I have a blank sheet of paper on 'what to do' and a blank piece of ground to do it on but also plenty of constraints.

1. I have an initial budget. I have no idea yet, how far it can take me. I lack the building skills but I can do the grunt work.

2. It's a music room.
It's where I will practice and record, mix and listen to my records. Practice and recording have no particular requirements. The recording is all DI other than vocals.
It will be sound-resistant as we have neighbours I will not upset.

3. It's an Office.
There will be a partitioned section where I'll be earning my keep. This will double up as a vocal booth
if needed.

4. It's a summer entertainments room
There will be a large glassed frontage opening out onto the garden where friends and neighbours can grab a beer, talk a load of nonsense and enjoy some music, live or otherwise.


I'm aware of the difficulties that the glass will present to listening and sound-resistance. I'll probably need a double frontage to assist with sound-resistance and I'll need to do something on the inside to reduce the effect of the glass on the listening experience. Moveable screens of some type maybe?

With the conflicts in requirements and eventual cash constraints, I know I will have to compromise. Whatever happens, it's going to be educational.


The first question then, is on the general construction approach to take. i.e. The things I'll need to discuss with the builder to get things moving.

I assume a suitable concrete base. But what should I use for walls and roof. High density block (0.5kg/1.1lb each)? Concrete bricks(2.2kg/5lb each)? Timber? I'm thinking a vaulted roof rather than flat one and high density block (for better wall mass than timber and less labour than concrete brick). Timber cladding for aesthetics.

Any thoughts or comments are welcome.

Sat, 01 May 2021 09:59:44 -0700
Dennis Foley on Filling speaker stands with activated carbon? Discussions Carbon is a sound absorption
technology. Lead and sand are barrier material types. You must stay with sound absorption
inside any diaphragmatic absorber

Fri, 30 Apr 2021 07:53:25 -0700
johnjokeefejr on Filling speaker stands with activated carbon? Discussions Hi,

What is the benefit of adding activated carbon inside of a speaker stand versus lead balls or kiln dried sand?

What would be the cost to fill 4 cubic feet using your activated carbon?


Thu, 29 Apr 2021 07:50:21 -0700
Dennis Foley on ACDA 10 or 12 Discussions You will need to cover the front and both sidewalls at a minimum with the ACDA
-10 and ACDA
-12 units. What is your budget for this project?

Fri, 16 Apr 2021 09:04:47 -0700 on ACDA 10 or 12 Discussions 23' × 17' n 10' High control room use.

I Have two drivers of 8" each stereo system.

I Produce EDM heavy bass genres.

Wanted to buy ACDA

Which one should I buy? ACDA
10 or ACDA
12 ?


Fri, 16 Apr 2021 07:55:59 -0700
IK Acoustics on Density of activated carbon for ACDA-12 Discussions Hello, Dennis, thank You. But, unfortunately, it is impossible for me to buy a finished product for a number of reasons. Can I just buy building plans to build an analogue of ACDA
-12 as close to the original as it possible? Are all the necessary information contained in the plans?

Sat, 10 Apr 2021 13:40:58 -0700
Dennis Foley on Density of activated carbon for ACDA-12 Discussions Our carbon technology is proprietary and only available through Acoustic Fields. It is 375.00 / BDA plus shipping. The foam
face is 75.00 plus shipping.

Sat, 10 Apr 2021 11:56:56 -0700
IK Acoustics on Density of activated carbon for ACDA-12 Discussions Hi Friends! Can somebody tell me what should be the optimal density of activated carbon for making a diaphragmatic bass absorber
- 12? I want to buy plans and build it myself, and I want to calculate the cost of all materials in advance, and the cost of activated carbon also depends on its density. Thank you!

Sat, 10 Apr 2021 08:03:35 -0700 on QRD Diffuser Discussions Did you mean the entire rear wall should be diffuser
up to ceiling?

With all 17 ft width n 10 ft height diffuser

Fri, 09 Apr 2021 08:12:03 -0700
Dennis Foley on QRD Diffuser Discussions Use two dimensional diffusion on the rear wall. Start the diffuser
modules 24" off the floor and run the entire width of the rear wall to the ceiling.

Fri, 09 Apr 2021 08:06:59 -0700 on QRD Diffuser Discussions Have 23' × 17' n 10' height Control room.

Going to build QRD Diffuser P13

So how many units should I build of P13?

one or 2 units are enough?

Fri, 09 Apr 2021 00:38:28 -0700 on Acoustic treatment Discussions Have 23' × 17' n 10' height

This is control room.

How much absorption
treatment is needed.

I mean how much percentage treatment is required?

Wed, 07 Apr 2021 04:48:15 -0700
Dennis Foley on Cinder block listening room Discussions Get a length of 23' - 27" Increase width to 17.

Tue, 06 Apr 2021 16:21:48 -0700
harry_mr on Cinder block listening room Discussions I have a spare basement room less than perfect but am going to work with what I have.
At present it measures 16Lx10.5Wx8.5H its a concrete floor and cinder block wall, it was drywall lined and was fairly quite as its semi underground.
I know the ceiling is lower than desired and I am going to but the concrete floor at the first point of reflection and install an absorptive pit, has anyone had any experince with a pit, how did it work
good or bad I also have the opportunity to lengthen the room by another 4 feet by removing a window and pushing 1 wall out further that would make it 20Lx10.5WX 8.5H with an absorptive pit.
I'm wondering if the longer room will be better while I have the chance or leave it alone.
No dennis I haven't taken any readings just yet. Confused

Sun, 04 Apr 2021 21:55:34 -0700